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The First-Ever National Enterprise Technology Center Established in Sichuan Tea Group
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In December 2013, the technology centers of Sichuan Tea Group Co., Ltd. and other 6 Sichuan enterprises were upgraded to “national level”. Currently, there are 51 nationally accredited enterprise technology centers in Sichuan Province, 5 of which are headquartered in Yibin City. Sichuan Tea Group, successfully transformed from Xufu Tea Industry Co., is the 6th national enterprise technology center in Yibin City, and also the first one in China’s tea industry.

   In 1999, the first tea enterprise R& D organization-- Sichuan Tea Group (formerly known as Xufu Tea Research Institute) was founded in Yibin. The “Enterprise Technology Center” of Xufu Tea Industry was established in 2005, and accredited as “Yibin Enterprise Technology Center” in 2008. In 2009, the enterprise was accredited as “Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, and honored as the only supporting enterprise for “Tea Industry Engineering Technology Research Center of Sichuan Province”. The enterprise has partnered extensively with well-known domestic universities with tea disciplines as well as research institutes; through technical cooperation and concerted efforts, etc, it has shaped a technical innovation alliance in collaboration with Tea Research Institute of China, Sichuan Tea Research Institute, China Testing Technology Research Institute, Southwest University, Sichuan University, Hunan Agricultural University and Sichuan Agricultural University as well as other research institutes and universities& colleges.

Through constant technical innovation and integration, the core technology of Xufu Tea Industry was gradually formed: As of December 2013, the enterprise achieved a total of five provincial technology achievements, including 3 technology progress awards, 6 national patents for invention (of which 2 authorized, 4 accepted), 44 utility model patents and design patents, covering: tea green-keeping and aroma-increasing process, key processing technology for new dark tea, standardized production technology of high-quality green tea, famous tea integration technology, superfine tea powder processing technology; a series of product innovations have thus sprouted, playing a key role in driving the technological progress and development of the tea industry.

With the great concern and strong support of the provincial and municipal party committees and governments, Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd was restructured from Xufu Tea Industry in October 2013, and also awarded the title of “National Enterprise Technology Center” as a sign of recognizing its technological innovation over the years. In the near future, the Technology Center will, riding on the waves, play a leading role in the technological progress and industrial growth through technological innovation, continuous product upgrading and development.



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